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Lessons for the Week

Monday, October 18th

Types of Energy – video

1st quarter test review

Tuesday, October 19th

Energy Superheros – read aloud

Energy Quizziz


Wednesday, October 20th

1st quarter test

Thursday, October 21st

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Franklin

Friday, October 22nd

Daniel Boone

Christopher Columbus



3.1A - Demonstrate safe practices as described in Texas Education Agency-approved safety standards during classroom and outdoor investigations using safety equipment as appropriate, including safety goggles or chemical splash goggles, as appropriate, and gloves.

3.4 -Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student knows how to use a variety of tools and methods to conduct science inquiry. The student is expected to:

3.4A - Collect, record, and analyze information using tools, including cameras, computers, hand lenses, metric rulers, Celsius thermometers, wind vanes, rain gauges, pan balances, graduated cylinders, beakers, spring scales, hot plates, meter sticks, magnets, collecting nets, notebooks, and Sun, Earth, and Moon system models; timing devices; and materials to support observation of habitats of organisms such as terrariums and aquariums. 

3.6A – The student is expected to explore different forms of energy, including mechanical, light, sound, and thermal in everyday life.