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Melisa Norris

Dyslexia Specialist

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Ford High School in 1994 and Texas A & M Commerce in 1998.  

Degrees and Certifications:

I received my CALT certificate in 2022.

Current Position:

This is my twelfth year at Chisum.  The first nine years I taught first grade.  The last two  years have been as a dyslexia therapist.  That is what I am doing again this year.   Reading has always been my passion so I am very happy in this position.  

Previous Position:

I taught at three different districts before I came to Chisum. My teaching career began at Greenville ISD in 1998 where I taught First grade for two years.  Then I had the privilege of spending the next six years at home with my boys before going back to teaching.  Once again I was in First grade.  This time teaching at Poetry Community Christian School.  In 2007, our family moved to Paris and with that move I also had to change school districts.  This time to Detroit.  I would remain there for three years.  First teaching first grade and then moving to second.  FInally, I would move to Chisum, where I have remained as a Mustang.  

Family Information:


I have four sons.  My oldest son is Kemp.  He got married last summer to Kristina.  He teaches seventh grade Math at Malakoff Middle school.  His wife is a nurse at Athens Regional,    William is my second born.  He will begin his third year at Criswell College this year studying christian ministry.  Adrian will begin classes at Criswell this year as well.  Landry, my youngest, will be in fifth grade.  My husband Billy is the pastor at Southside Baptist Church here in Paris.  We have one pet, a dog, named Lil Jerry.