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Weekly Lesson Plans

.2nd Grade Newsletter-1

Blackmon Lesson Plans week 34 May 6-10, 2024


NWEA review Monday & Tuesday, Assessment Wednesday
Eureka Math
Module 8 
All Lessons   
Topic A: Attributes of Geometric Shapes
Topic B: Composite Shapes & Fractions Concepts
Topic C: Halves, Thirds and Fourths of circles and rectangles 

Topic D: Applications of Fractions to tell Time

In Module 8, the final module of the year, students extend their understanding of part–whole relationships through the lens of geometry.
As students compose and decompose shapes, they begin to develop an understanding of unit fractions as equal parts of a whole.

Students will also practice their addition and subtraction math facts using ZEARN and Reflex Math.

Eureka Math Parent Guide - GRADE 2 MODULE