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Weekly Lesson Plans

Science & Social Studies Weekly Lesson Plans


Week of Oct. 3rd – 7th 

No school on Friday, Oct. 7th or Monday, Oct. 10th.


Science Tek  Classroom Assignment

*2.1 The student will demonstrate safe practices during investigations. They will be able to identify the tools used by scientists as well as use them appropriately in a lab setting.
*2.2 The student asks questions, plans, and conducts scientific investigations.
*2.3 The student knows that critical thinking, scientific problem solving, and the contributions of scientists are used in making decisions.
*2.4 The student uses appropriate tools and models to investigate the natural world.

2.5 The student knows that matter has physical properties and those properties determine how it is described, classified, changed, and used. 



*TEKS will be ongoing throughout the year.


Pumpkin Jack – Students will observe him and the changes he undergoes over the next few weeks.

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Sorting Matter

Water Observations

Combining Materials – Make a Super Nasty Smoothie

Combining Pizza Toppings Activity

Heat Investigation


Social Studies TEK Classroom Assignment

2.13 The student understands characteristics of good citizenship as exemplified by historical figures and other individuals.

Thurgood Marshall

 1st Quarter Test on Wednesday








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