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Weekly Lesson Plans

Science & Social Studies Weekly Lesson Plans


Week of May 15th – 19th 

For these remaining weeks of school, we will be reviewing concepts learned throughout the year.

Science Tek  Classroom Assignment

*2.1 The student will demonstrate safe practices during investigations. They will be able to identify the tools used by scientists as well as use them appropriately in a lab setting.
*2.2 The student asks questions, plans, and conducts scientific investigations.
*2.3 The student knows that critical thinking, scientific problem solving, and the contributions of scientists are used in making decisions.
*2.4 The student uses appropriate tools and models to investigate the natural world.



*TEKS will be ongoing throughout the year.


Build a Ferris Wheel STEM Challenge

Virtual Field Trip
to Hawaii

Facts & Life Cycles
of Sea Turtles





Social Studies TEK Classroom Assignment

2.13 The student understands characteristics of good citizenship.

Your Past Doesn’t Define You –  The Bad Guys








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