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Weekly Lesson Plans

Homework will consist of the following components of the dyslexia lesson:

We will be practicing Instant Words in columns, rows, and phrases & sentences.  Instant Words are the most commonly seen sight words.  Some of them can be sounded out, but we want to read them instantly to improve fluency and comprehension.  I will be sending an explanation about how to practice Instant words so be on the lookout.

Please practice the cursive handwriting page for homework.  At the top of the page, it tells how to form the correct strokes.  It is helpful to say the strokes as they write the letter.  This reminds them which way to go.  

RAP stands for Repeated Accurate Practice.  This page is also homework.  Echo the first row in the first section with your child.  Then have him/her read the other three rows to you.  Repeat the same process with the 2nd section.  The 3rd section is a mixture of the words in the first 2 sections.  The student reads all four rows to you.  

Spelling homework will begin soon.  We will be using a method called Cover-Copy-Compare.  Be looking for the page that explains how to use this method of practice.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me @ or 903-737-2820