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2nd Grade Newsletter

 2nd Grade Newsletter 


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  • Students will be able to purchase ice-cream on Thursdays. Cost is $1.00 this year. 

  • Please note that our official school day is from 7:50 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.

  • No school on October 8th or 11th. Classes resume on October 12th.

  • Pink Out Pep Rally on October 15th.

  • GT Awareness Meeting for Parents on October 18th at 5:00 p.m.

  • End of the first quarter is October 22nd.

  • Report cards will go home on October 28th.

  • Students may wear Halloween costumes on October 29th. No bloody or scary costumes, please.

  • No school on November 1st. Classes will resume on November 2nd.

  • Math: This week we will begin  Unit 03: Addition and Subtraction without Algorithms. This unit includes flexible methods where we will solve and represent addition and subtraction situations within 1,000, which may include up to three-digit numbers. Strategies may include mental math, concrete models, pictorial representations, number sentences, and open number lines. Students will also practice their addition and subtraction math facts using Reflex Math.

Reading: This month, we will be making connections. This is a skill the students will continue to work on throughout their school years. We will learn to make text to text connections, text to self connections, and text to world connections.  

Language Arts: This month we will continue practicing basic grammar skills such as capitalization and punctuation. We will also learn about parts of speech and sentence structure. 

Science: We are currently learning about matter. Our focus is on the properties of matter as well as the three states of matter. Students are also learning that matter can be changed, and it can be added to in order to make new matter.

Social Studies: Students are still learning about good citizens from the past. Some of the good citizens we will focus on are Thurgood Marshall, Irma Rangel, John Hancock and Theodore Roosevelt. We will also focus on Hispanic Heritage during the week of October 11th.