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Lesson Plans

This page will show an outline of what we are focusing on each week for each subject



I will generate questions about text before, during, and after reading to deepen understanding and gain information;


Language Arts:

I will compose informational texts, including procedural texts and reports; and compose correspondence such as thank you notes or letters.



I will create two-dimensional shapes based on given attributes, including number of sides and vertices; and classify and sort polygons with 12 or fewer sides according to attributes, including identifying the number of sides and number of vertices. I will Decompose two dimensional shapes such as cutting out a square from a rectangle, dividing a shape in half, or partitioning a rectangle into identical triangles and identify the resulting geometric parts./Intro 3D



I will recognize that different positions can make an object move. I will also understand that the amount of force placed on an object determines how far an object can move.

Social Studies

I will be able to explain why W.E.B. DuBois, Robert Fulton, and Paul Revere were a good citizens.