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Look At What We are Learning!


                     At What We Are Learning!


*Saxon Phonics Lessons 22-24

*First 25 Sight Words all Nine Weeks 

-This week we are reviewing all sight words!

*This week in Reading stations, we are finishing up our DRA testing.  Your child should be on a level 3 or 4.  We are also taking a Spelling test over a, as, at, I, in, is, it.  We are also assessing sight words!

*This week in Writing, we are writing our final draft about a spider. These papers should have complete sentences while still making sure we have a Uppercase letter at the beginning, spaces in between each word, and punctuation at the end. 

*We are working on pages 36-38 in our Handwriting book.

*For homework, your child needs to practice his/her sight words, read a rap sheet, and also read 1 book (leveled reader or a decodable). Please see the information regarding this in your child’s folder.